Yes, £350 million per week was promised to the NHS, Boris Johnson.


The Brexit “Vote Leave” (German made) bus was extremely misleading.

The Posters in Bristol, however were pretty Specific.

Both Boris Johnson and the disgraced former minister Liam Fox can be clearly seen at the Vote Leave event in Bristol, where their poster CLEARLY states “Let’s give our NHS the £350 million the EU takes every week”.

Let’s think about this. Firstly, the EU does not take £350m per week. Vote Leave were told off for this by several sources. They were also told to STOP using the NHS logo on the side of the bus (they continued to use the NHS logo with no apology).

So by the very fact we don’t give the EU £350m per week this is clearly a Boris Johnson lie.

Please do not let Boris forget this. EVER.

On the night of the 22nd June I was being told by people “…and we shouldn’t give them £350m each week…” – People believed Boris’s lies going into the polling station.

German Born Giselle Stuart and American-born Boris Johnson should face jail for misleading this plastic-nationalist movement. They act like Nationalists, but miss out the National Loyalty, the protection of the REAL national Interests, and some even – like Gisele and Boris – lack the “birth place” for the Nationalist movement.

Take copies of these photos (amazingly they are being removed from newspaper websites at the moment).

Remind them, they lied to the voters, and mislead the UK.


Don’t forget, Boris Johnson promised us tariff free access to the Single Market.

If he still wants to:

1. Have a career

2. Take us out of the EU

he should make damn sure he can deliver the things he’s promised people – the £350m per week extra for the NHS and the Tariff free access to the single market.



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Can I post through app from China?

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Attiny programming.

I just bought an Attiny85 (digispark USB) clone from eBay, I had trouble getting it to work, but eventually succeeded.

So I’ll share the love.

1. Download this file:

2. Copy folder from Zip file to local drive

3. Find Directory: C:\DigisparkArduino-Win32\DigisparkWindowsDriver\

4. Run the driver install program: InstallDriver.exe

5. navigate to C:\DigisparkArduino-Win32\Digispark-Arduino-1.0.4\

6. Run Arduino Sketch: Arduino.exe

7. Select Digispark (Tiny Core) as the Board inside the Arduino Sketch Program: ( Tools > Board > Digispark (Tiny Core))

8. Select Digispark as the Programmer inside the Arduino Sketch Program: ( Tools > Programmer > Digispark

NOTE: No Port will show.

9. Load Sketch (or copy and paste the example below)

10. Click the right arrow to compile and upload.
After compiling the sketch, the software will ask you to plug in the Digispark Arduino that needs programming. You have 60 seconds to do so.

11. Once it shows successfully uploading, remove the Digispark USB ATTiny85 and enjoy your new program.

Program example:

int digiled = 1;

void setup()

pinMode(digiled, OUTPUT);


void loop()

digitalWrite(digiled, LOW);
digitalWrite(digiled, HIGH);
digitalWrite(digiled, LOW);
digitalWrite(digiled, HIGH);
digitalWrite(digiled, LOW);



This is a clone.


Official Arduinos make a 1% donation to the foundation.

I’d recommend anyone who regularly buys clones make regular donations to help hosting and development of Arduino.

People put lots of work in, you can actually donate mmore by buying a clone and then donating separately than buying authentic, so don’t be stingey.

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Is anyone reading this?


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The RCA shop

As anyone who’s known me for slightly more than 5minutes has probably heard me say, I attended the Royal College of Art.

It was an unusual place.

One time I was buying something quite mundane from the art shop, and in front of me in the queue was a guy who was about late thirties, now this was quite unusual for students at the RCA, most were early twenties, and this guy was a student.

Anyways, this guy was clearly a student, and had a Scouse accent. He spoke in a very notably camp way and I got the impression I knew him, and this bothered me because I thought he was too old to have been someone I knew from school, but was notable enough for me to have remembered from anywhere else.

Perhaps the waters had been muddied by me meeting a student in Product Design from the year above me who turned out to be Nick from the year below me from back in Blue Coat.

Anyway, I digress. After returning to the IDE studio I was still trying to work out who the hell this guy was. I eventually shared the experience with fellow studio members, and was helped solve the conundrum.

Chris McG told me: “Yeah, that’s probably Holly Johnston, he’s in PrintMaking now.”

Mystery solved, I did know him, he was lead singer of Liverpool’s 1980’s supergroup, Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Aside from that, and using the urinal next to Paul Weller, I don’t know of many other celebrity RCA stories.

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Facebook adverts and phishing scam.

I’m fed up of Facebook. I’m getting emails from “Santander” about my bank account.

Trouble is I don’t bank with them.

Even if I did, I’d know this is fake because it has been sent to the wrong email address.

I know for a fact the only place this phishing email could have originated from is a Facebook advert.

Facebook should be more careful who they sell advertising space to.

Do Facebook really want to be involved with criminal activity?

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Protected: The Pi Store opens

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Organisations with Ethics

If a company behaves underhandedly with customers and employees then it is not ethical.

If a company adamantly puts financial gain over interpretation of contracts it cannot surely be ethical. Even if their interpretation of the contract is within the law, their conduct would be “legal” rather than “ethical”.

Should a company be boastful of being “Legal”, or should they aspire to be “Ethical”?

“This above all: to thine own self be true.”

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Not a Fairy.

If I hear one more person say or refer to a “Fairy on top of the Christmas Tree” I will seriously kick off!!!

Its not a Fairy, its an Angel.

I don’t care if you are the most dyed-in-the-wool atheist, there is no excuse for deliberately trying to rewrite culture.

Have you ever been to California and visited Los Fairies?

Unless you believe in Fairies but not Angels there is no logic to it.

I’d suggest if the person makes the comment believes in neither, then their statement just becomes ignorant. They believe them both to be fictional characters.

Would it be acceptable for them to confuse other fictional characters?

Try talking to someone about Shakespeare and mention Macbeth’s speech “To be, or not to be…”

You would be branded an idiot for confusing fictional characters that have entered popular culture.

Regardless to whether you believe in Angels (or Fairies) its pretty stupid of you to confuse the two.

Happy Christmas.


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Father Christmas and the Naughty List

Being an active parent has its moments.

Last week I asked my two young daughters if they knew what they were going to ask Father Christmas for.

Jasmine, my 3 year old said “I want a REAL dinosaur, one that will eat Daddy.”

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better my 5 year old daughter commented “Don’t be silly, dinosaurs aren’t real, ask for something Father Christmas could really bring you, like a Parrot!”

I told them straight that there are no Dinosaurs or Parrots at the North Pole.

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