VoxPops on benefits.

BBC Radio4 have just run an item on “First Time Voters”.

One was introduced as “Jade is 18, and about to become a mother for the first time. She receives £105 benefits each week and says that that is not enough.”


It got worse though: This “First Time Voter” apparently isn’t even registered to vote.

As if that isn’t enough she couldn’t name the leaders of the three main political parties in the UK.

Finally (for good measure), she could not even name the three main political parties in the UK.

To sum up:
She’s 18.
She’s reproducing.
She’s claiming benefits (and wants more).
She’s an idiot.

OK, there’s an outside chance that she got knocked up by a Nobel prize winning genius, but I’d put money on the nature vs. nurture debate with this girl being a moot point. Any genetic inheritance from someone THAT ignorant and stupid after years of wasted British Education will make her child dumb. As to Nurture: where will her value added activity be with her child. Taking the kid to a benefit office?

The only thing she’s probably ever been taught was to claim benefits. What exactly is she going to teach her child?

If she thinks £105 benefits each week (£5460 per year) isn’t enough here’s an idea: GET A F’ING JOB.

She may well have had an accident with contraception, but there are things you can do in these situations, perhaps when educating her how to mooch off the state someone should have taught her about the morning after pill and other methods of birth control.

It makes my blood boil that someone who is such a fool can be GIVEN more than my wife earns in a year.

That’s money we are all paying. Is she supplying a quality service? Will her child grow to be a productive member of society? I doubt it.

In case you can’t see this, I’ll state the obvious. I’m right of centre. I believe in Meritocracy.

If someone is THAT stupid, if someone has turned down all those opportunities to learn and improve, they should have NO RIGHTS. They are pets. Expensive Pets.

Benefits are almost inherently wrong. Means tested benefits are completely wrong.

Let’s take 2 plumbers. They start on minimum wage, and work hard.
Tim works 35 hours a week, and spends 2 hours a night down the boozer.
Bob works 40 hours a week, and then meets Tim down the boozer for an hour each night.

During that extra hour, Bob earns not only an extra hours work, but an extra hours experience, and doesn’t have the two pints that Tim drinks in his extra hour at the pub.

Effectively, the expense of those two extra pints each day will cost the same as an hour of Tim’s work, taking him from 35 hours pay a week to 30hours pay a week.

So, effectively Tim is paid for 30 hours a week and Bob is paid for 40 hours a week.

Bob has effectively 33% more take home each week.

If they both have the same expenses, Bob will have far more money to save or invest. He’ll also be promoted faster as he’s clocking up more experience.

Even if we ignore the pay increases Bob may get offered for his extra experience/promotions, Bob will have substantially more money each year than Tim. This will accumulate over the next 50 years until they reach retirement.

Why is it then that the sensible, forward thinking Plumber, Bob, will not be eligible for retirement benefits and have to (upon death) pay Inheritance tax from his estate when the less conscientious Tim has cirrhosis and not much to show for his years?

Both start with the same opportunities, the same rates of pay, the same abilities, but the one who puts in the effort has to pay for the one who does not put in the effort.

This does not include any of the time/effort/expense involved in checking the application forms for the benefits by yet another civil servant. WHY?

The situation is even more obscene if we consider those without skill, unwilling to learn, unwilling to work instead of those who work half-assed and then drink the rest of their life away.

Simply get rid of means testing, and divvy up the current spend on benefits between EVERYONE, not just the idiots and the workshy.

If they have any problem surviving on their (now less than) £105 benefits each week, then they should get a job. Just not as a form checker in the government means-testing office.


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Politics, Again.

I am annoyed with the situation I find myself in.

On a local basis:
Tories can’t win, so in a first past the post system a vote for them would be a waste.

Labour are fielding in Parachuted candidate Luciana Berger, who previously had no connection with Liverpool and expects to take over from the very able Jane Kennedy MP. (That’s aside from me hating Gordon Brown and his lack of Mandate).

And then there’s the LibDems, another non local candidate (though has lived in Liverpool for the last 4 years and been a member of the council here).

Lib/Lab are slagging each other off (though Luciana Berger’s publicity seem to think her main rival is Conservative: yet more lack of local knowledge perhaps?).

Labour promise us all these things in their next term (like maybe paying for the hospitals they’ve effectively bought on credit?) – but why haven’t they done this already? Where they too busy bringing in IR35, deporting bankers on terrorist charges and declaring Iceland a terrorist State?

Liberals want to introduce taxes that are blatantly going to hit me as a self employed (INVOLENTARILY so, Thanks Brown).

If I had a choice of any combination of peoples, I’d go for Cable/Clegg but with Tory Policies and back office.


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Test blog from my hero.


I’ve just downloaded WordPress for Android, another free app from the large Market Place collection.

The keyboard ain’t great, but it will do!



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My First Blog.

Why did I start a Blog?

I don’t know.

Given an election started just days ago everyone will be tired of the blah blah blah of opinionated self-righteous idiots.

That said, please oust Gordon Brown. I can’t stand that idiot, and I never could.

I’ve got no idea what I’m going to put here in the future. Hopefully something more interesting than “I’m in a lift” in 140 characters or less.

I get the feeling this experience will be better through Linux/Firefox, as I am a terrible speller.

One thing of interest: I’m currently using this on a desktop PC that I’ve Tethered through a smart phone: certain smart phones and service providers frown on this, but this one can pretty much do it out of the box.

I’ll tell you how at some point.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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