Yes, £350 million per week was promised to the NHS, Boris Johnson.


The Brexit “Vote Leave” (German made) bus was extremely misleading.

The Posters in Bristol, however were pretty Specific.

Both Boris Johnson and the disgraced former minister Liam Fox can be clearly seen at the Vote Leave event in Bristol, where their poster CLEARLY states “Let’s give our NHS the £350 million the EU takes every week”.

Let’s think about this. Firstly, the EU does not take £350m per week. Vote Leave were told off for this by several sources. They were also told to STOP using the NHS logo on the side of the bus (they continued to use the NHS logo with no apology).

So by the very fact we don’t give the EU £350m per week this is clearly a Boris Johnson lie.

Please do not let Boris forget this. EVER.

On the night of the 22nd June I was being told by people “…and we shouldn’t give them £350m each week…” – People believed Boris’s lies going into the polling station.

German Born Giselle Stuart and American-born Boris Johnson should face jail for misleading this plastic-nationalist movement. They act like Nationalists, but miss out the National Loyalty, the protection of the REAL national Interests, and some even – like Gisele and Boris – lack the “birth place” for the Nationalist movement.

Take copies of these photos (amazingly they are being removed from newspaper websites at the moment).

Remind them, they lied to the voters, and mislead the UK.


Don’t forget, Boris Johnson promised us tariff free access to the Single Market.

If he still wants to:

1. Have a career

2. Take us out of the EU

he should make damn sure he can deliver the things he’s promised people – the £350m per week extra for the NHS and the Tariff free access to the single market.



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