Attiny programming.

I just bought an Attiny85 (digispark USB) clone from eBay, I had trouble getting it to work, but eventually succeeded.

So I’ll share the love.

1. Download this file:

2. Copy folder from Zip file to local drive

3. Find Directory: C:\DigisparkArduino-Win32\DigisparkWindowsDriver\

4. Run the driver install program: InstallDriver.exe

5. navigate to C:\DigisparkArduino-Win32\Digispark-Arduino-1.0.4\

6. Run Arduino Sketch: Arduino.exe

7. Select Digispark (Tiny Core) as the Board inside the Arduino Sketch Program: ( Tools > Board > Digispark (Tiny Core))

8. Select Digispark as the Programmer inside the Arduino Sketch Program: ( Tools > Programmer > Digispark

NOTE: No Port will show.

9. Load Sketch (or copy and paste the example below)

10. Click the right arrow to compile and upload.
After compiling the sketch, the software will ask you to plug in the Digispark Arduino that needs programming. You have 60 seconds to do so.

11. Once it shows successfully uploading, remove the Digispark USB ATTiny85 and enjoy your new program.

Program example:

int digiled = 1;

void setup()

pinMode(digiled, OUTPUT);


void loop()

digitalWrite(digiled, LOW);
digitalWrite(digiled, HIGH);
digitalWrite(digiled, LOW);
digitalWrite(digiled, HIGH);
digitalWrite(digiled, LOW);



This is a clone.


Official Arduinos make a 1% donation to the foundation.

I’d recommend anyone who regularly buys clones make regular donations to help hosting and development of Arduino.

People put lots of work in, you can actually donate mmore by buying a clone and then donating separately than buying authentic, so don’t be stingey.

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Is anyone reading this?


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