The RCA shop

As anyone who’s known me for slightly more than 5minutes has probably heard me say, I attended the Royal College of Art.

It was an unusual place.

One time I was buying something quite mundane from the art shop, and in front of me in the queue was a guy who was about late thirties, now this was quite unusual for students at the RCA, most were early twenties, and this guy was a student.

Anyways, this guy was clearly a student, and had a Scouse accent. He spoke in a very notably camp way and I got the impression I knew him, and this bothered me because I thought he was too old to have been someone I knew from school, but was notable enough for me to have remembered from anywhere else.

Perhaps the waters had been muddied by me meeting a student in Product Design from the year above me who turned out to be Nick from the year below me from back in Blue Coat.

Anyway, I digress. After returning to the IDE studio I was still trying to work out who the hell this guy was. I eventually shared the experience with fellow studio members, and was helped solve the conundrum.

Chris McG told me: “Yeah, that’s probably Holly Johnston, he’s in PrintMaking now.”

Mystery solved, I did know him, he was lead singer of Liverpool’s 1980’s supergroup, Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Aside from that, and using the urinal next to Paul Weller, I don’t know of many other celebrity RCA stories.

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