Love your SAK

I love my SAK, and most men like me would love their SAK too.

Bold Red coloured, fits in the palm of your hand perfectly. It’s ergonomical and practical.

For the last fourteen years I’ve been aware of playing with it whilst talking, in meetings etc. and I always make sure I use it once a day.

Mine is a Victornox Huntsman, and not surprisingly, the Main Blade sees the most use, problaby followed by the Bottle Opener/Large Screw Driver, Can Opener/Small Screw Driver, Scissors and Corkscrew. The blades show the wear of their use. I’ve managed to break the end off my Bradle, and there are chips out of the plastic handles, but worst is the main blade.

It is far more than a pocket knife, it is a multitool. It is my preferred can opener, easy to use, quick, safe, easy to clean and very simple.

Wenger and Victorinox recently merged, but continue to operate as seperate companies, personally I prefer Victorinox, it just has a better form to it.

There is a lot of misguided information about SAKs out there.

There are a few places where they are not allowed to be carried, e.g. Airports and sensitive areas, but as a general rule SAKs are fine to be carried around in public.

The general rule is if the blade is 3″ or less (the sharpened bit only), isn’t locked out (so as to be considered to act like a fixed blade knife) requires two hands to open (not a flick knife, gravity knife or spiggoted knife that can be opened with skill by one hand) you are ok to carry it. There are exceptions to rules, e.g. longer blades or locking blades are sometimes permitted if you have a legitimate purpose for them, though I always make sure I comply with the two hand rule, slip joint rule and 3″ rule and have a “purpose”  just to be safe.

As I’ve said, I’ve had this blade since 1996, and I’ve carried it almost every day (I’m an engineer and I constantly take things apart, open packages, cut my lunch, remove stones from horses hooves, etc).  The blade has seen better days. I was even considering replacing the blade recently: It’s mis-shapen compared to the new profile, and I’d broken the tip (taking a hard drive out of a set top box), and was having trouble sharpening it.

I felt quite stupid when one of the guys in our workshop told me I’d been doing it wrong. Apparently Stainless Steel is hard to sharpen and can’t be sharpened on a normal sharpening stone. Yesterday I was introduced to a Diamond Lap, and within a minute my blade was restored to its former glory. I was so impressed I bought a set online straight away.

My knife is now sharp enough to circumcise gnats, though I’m not sure if there’s ever a reason to do that, at least I have a tool capable of doing so!

I’m hoping this knife will last me another 14 years, it’s worth its weight in gold and helps me do everything from fixing a computer to opening a bottle of wine or beer.

Do you have a Swiss Army Knife? 

On Wednesday I used it as a deposit on a Locker Pass I had to borrow from the Gym.

What did you use it for recently? What is the most unusual thing you have used it for?


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