How old are you?

My friends say I should act my age, what’s my age again?

It’s easy to calculate someone’s age, it’s date of death minus date of birth. Unless they are still alive, or believed to be alive, on which case its today’s date minus date of birth.

So in Doctor Who, when Amy tries to vote in the episode the beast below, she is told by the computer that she is 1300 years old.

Did the computer assume because she was standing there she must be alive? Or did it have no record of her death?

I’d assume it had some logic in place that would mean it checked there wasn’t an impostor trying to vote.

So the question is does Amy Pond get abandoned on the future, on an alien planet or die on her travels?


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  1. I hadn’t pondered (spot the pun) on this one (particularly as “the new Dr Who” is full of inconsistencies and holes), but had wondered if people’s age – especially children – shouldn’t be calculated from their date of conception, which is, after all, a person’s biological age. For premature babies, that would potentially give them a more favourable time at school. The general concensus in the medical profession is that prem babies catch up with other children of the “same age” by about 5 years old.

    Maybe the computer carbon-dated Amy Pond?

    • A nice concept, though could create some interesting discussions with issues like shotgun weddings etc.

      This Dr who us riddled with inconsistencies, but they do try and put the odd pointers and spoilers in early episodes. Often though I think they don’t know how to tie up daft concepts.


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