Damn it!

The New Android phone, the Desire is available on a tariff for £23pm and unlimited data.

I guess I bought at the wrong time!

Anyway, I’m happy with the Android phone: the Hero. I just wish HTC would hurry up and release the 2.1firmware update for it.

I’m finding it works better now I have wifi on/off and mobile network on/off dongles on the fourth screen, much easier to control.

I’m also keeping the screen brightness down. It helps the battery life.

As previously mentioned, the android phones are easy to tether: that’s the process where you share your data network (i.e. mobile phone connection) with a computer or laptop.

I really was surprised how easy it was to do, and I’ve not been charged for it (yet) by my network, so it does beat certain smart phones out there I could mention.

Another great App I’m using is Taskiller. It lists all the widgets and multi-tasking programs on the phone and allows you to terminate the unwanted ones.

One surprising thing is that the Widgets on other (apparently non-active) screens/scenes are also loaded into memory, taking up resources. After learning this I’ve rationalised my number of scenes, and cut down on the hardly used widgets.

I’ve also ordered a new wall charger and spare battery off eBay, never hurts to have a spare battery on a feature rich phone.

Still love the Hero, even though I “could” have had a Desire with similar data allowances for cheaper!


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  1. Andy, I have been reading your blog… lurking… and now you have goaded me into commenting! I appreciate that you love your phone and all that but you do sound like a bit of fanboi 😉 Almost as bad as the apple & ms ones. Me, I’ve got a Nokia 5800 which is crap. I got it while I wait it out for an iphone that I actually want.

  2. Lol. Maybe I am a fan boy of open source. I should perhaps declare interests….

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