Damn it!

The New Android phone, the Desire is available on a tariff for £23pm and unlimited data.

I guess I bought at the wrong time!

Anyway, I’m happy with the Android phone: the Hero. I just wish HTC would hurry up and release the 2.1firmware update for it.

I’m finding it works better now I have wifi on/off and mobile network on/off dongles on the fourth screen, much easier to control.

I’m also keeping the screen brightness down. It helps the battery life.

As previously mentioned, the android phones are easy to tether: that’s the process where you share your data network (i.e. mobile phone connection) with a computer or laptop.

I really was surprised how easy it was to do, and I’ve not been charged for it (yet) by my network, so it does beat certain smart phones out there I could mention.

Another great App I’m using is Taskiller. It lists all the widgets and multi-tasking programs on the phone and allows you to terminate the unwanted ones.

One surprising thing is that the Widgets on other (apparently non-active) screens/scenes are also loaded into memory, taking up resources. After learning this I’ve rationalised my number of scenes, and cut down on the hardly used widgets.

I’ve also ordered a new wall charger and spare battery off eBay, never hurts to have a spare battery on a feature rich phone.

Still love the Hero, even though I “could” have had a Desire with similar data allowances for cheaper!


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Finally over?

Brown left, with a little dignity.

He played a great game, highlights included his declaration that he would remain as Labour leader even if they lost, just so long as they didn’t get totally trounced.

They didn’t. Was it because he’d removed one incentive for a poor Labour turn out at the general election? Maybe.

His statement that he’d remain as the leader informed the supporters that they’d have to commit political suicide for the party before he’d go, so they may as well keep him and try to get him back into Downing Street. Very clever.

His other smart move was to step aside as Leader to allow talks with Lib Dems to progress.

Well played Gordon.

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One more night to go.


Polling day tomorrow.

The only thing that is certain is this is the end of New Labour control – or is it?

With major players in the New Labour camp trying to woo disenfranchised Labour Voters to vote for LibDem instead of “Allowing the tories in”, there is a really horrific possibility lurking.

Currently, Nick Clegg has the look of H’Angus the Monkey: an independent candidate in Hartlepool who was elected Mayor whilst wearing a football mascot outfit of a Monkey. H’Angus’s main policy was “Free bananas for school kids” – something which caused amusement until he was elected, then he had the headache of getting funding together for the policy.


Joke candidates don’t expect to get elected, so until about three weeks ago when Nick Clegg enjoyed a popularity surge, he didn’t have to worry about simultaneously scrapping Trident and distancing ourselves from US. He probably doesn’t have that clearer idea as to what he would do as premier, because it’s been so far fetched.

Now, with Clegg’s party fielding candidates promising everyone will be £700 better off under LibDems, and promising to radically change the House of Lords, and Electoral System, you do have to wonder.

They won’t secure more than half the vote, they’ll do well to get over 30% of the people who bother to turn out. And yet if they form an unholy alliance with Labour, we will all see radical changes to the UK that none of us have voted for. Will they make a referendum on these radical changes they want?

I doubt it. I also doubt their other policies will be as practical as they should, in the event they actually make it to number10.

They’ll plunge UK into a permanent Hung Parliament status with PR: many LibDem votes have been cast just to get rid of Labour candidates (and some to block Tory Candidates). This in itself is a pointer to why the election system needs changing. But why not Transferable votes?

After initially distancing the LibDems from Labour, Clegg is now being less committal about it all: too bad for all those voters in the borderline LibDem/Labour constituencies that have already used their postal vote on a LibDem to keep the Labour candidate out.

If there is a Lib/Labour Alliance (a bit like SDP/Labour ?) why didn’t they state this before people wasted their votes on LibDems?

Clegg is an absolutely perfect example of the underdog coming out on top in the “Truel in the Sun” game theory tactic. Brown viewed Cameron as a bigger threat, Cameron Viewed Brown as a Bigger Threat, so whilst they concentrated on each other, Clegg quietly “fired in the air”. This bolstered Clegg’s position by giving him the first shot in the final Duel rather than the first shot in a Truel.


But will he now be viewed as an equal threat to the other candidates and thus not progress as well as he has first time around?

The classiest part of the whole election was when ‘lord’ Mandelson said the press coverage of Nick Clegg was  “straight out of the Tory Party dirty-tricks manual”.

Is this the same “Tory Party Dirty Tricks Manual” that was read by Damien McBride? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7999671.stm

Is this the same “Tory Party Dirty Tricks Manual” that was turned on Chris Patten?http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250880/Mendacious-Mandelson-duped-BBC-Chris-Patten-smear.html

Or is ‘lord’ Mandelson’s dirty tricks and Damien McBride’s dirty tricks of a different ilk?

Of course, I’m a great fan of ‘lord’ Mandelson, a clear demonstration of New Labour’s dedicated attempts to clean up politics and rid the house of lords or corruption. I knew he’d go far, as did he apparently when he took out a phenomenal mortgage & loan of £523,000 as an MP earning £40,000 per year. WHY DO WE TOLERATE THIS IDIOT IN ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT?




Get rid of Brown, Get rid of Mandelson, Get rid of the entire USELESS CABINET and NO DEALS to get them back into power.


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