Politics, Again.

I am annoyed with the situation I find myself in.

On a local basis:
Tories can’t win, so in a first past the post system a vote for them would be a waste.

Labour are fielding in Parachuted candidate Luciana Berger, who previously had no connection with Liverpool and expects to take over from the very able Jane Kennedy MP. (That’s aside from me hating Gordon Brown and his lack of Mandate).

And then there’s the LibDems, another non local candidate (though has lived in Liverpool for the last 4 years and been a member of the council here).

Lib/Lab are slagging each other off (though Luciana Berger’s publicity seem to think her main rival is Conservative: yet more lack of local knowledge perhaps?).

Labour promise us all these things in their next term (like maybe paying for the hospitals they’ve effectively bought on credit?) – but why haven’t they done this already? Where they too busy bringing in IR35, deporting bankers on terrorist charges and declaring Iceland a terrorist State?

Liberals want to introduce taxes that are blatantly going to hit me as a self employed (INVOLENTARILY so, Thanks Brown).

If I had a choice of any combination of peoples, I’d go for Cable/Clegg but with Tory Policies and back office.


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